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AFRICAN DESK is a Pan-African organization committed to providing complex solutions to complex African challenges in Trade Facilitation, Transport & Logistics supply-chain, Regional, Integration, Communication & Advocacy through top-notch consultancy and advisory services; with conscious for the need to care for the planet earth.

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Chief Executive Officer


Prof Barnabe Kikaya is Distinguished Research Associate in the Centre for African Diplomacy and Leadership (CADL) at the University of Johannesburg. And Professor of Strategic Communication at the University of Kinshasa. He holds a Ph. D from Boston University in the US.

  • FAX: 800.456.123.788

Diversity of Experiences

A former DRC Ambassador to Zimbabwe and the UK, he was Presidential Diplomatic.
Advisor between 2015-2018, and the President’s Special Assistant from 2004-2006.
He was one of the lead negotiators during the Sun City negotiations in 2001. Prof Kikaya is a former Editor-in-Chief of the French Service of Channel Africa for the SABC.
Prof Kikaya is an accomplished advisor, strategist and consultant, and prolific publisher.